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Need to speed shipments through customs?

Our Block Customs Brokerage team is your answer

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Your Passport to Stress-Free Imports and Exports

Smooth Sailing Through Customs with the Block

We're NCBFAA members, so we have comprehensive knowledge of shipment inventory, CBP requirements and regulations. You get peace of mind for all your import/export operations. Experience direct communication with our licensed brokers and take advantage of our extensive range of services, including duty drawback, anti-dumping, and countervailing entries.

Our in-house customs brokerage provides a convenient one-stop solution for all your shipping needs. Beyond filing ISF and clearing shipments, our brokers serve as valuable resources, offering guidance and support across all aspects related to US Customs. Trust us to navigate the complexities and provide exceptional assistance at every step.

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Harness the Power of the Block Customs Brokerage Today

Your Complete, Inhouse Holistic Brokerage solution

Discover the unparalleled advantages of partnering with Block Customs Brokerage and revolutionize your import and export processes with seamless efficiency and expert guidance:

  • Full range services including duty drawback, anti-dumping, countervailing entries
  • Document retention, storage, and customs compliance program
  • HTS Code Review, invoice description, and ruling assistance
  • FDA, DOT, Fish and Wildlife, and other regulatory agency clearance support

Gain Knowledge, Compliance, and Efficiency:

  • NCBFAA member
  • ISF filing and Customs Clearance
  • U.S. Customs Compliance assistance and informed compliance
Success Story

A Routine Invoice Review Results In A Festive $4800 Win

We found $4800 savings for our client! Our collaboration with the McGee Team demonstrates what we strive for every day at The Block Logistics Customs Brokerage. Transforming a routine invoice review into a festive triumph, we unlocked significant duty savings! Moments like these underscore our commitment to expertise, swift communication, and genuine collaboration. At The Block, we’re not just navigating the complexities of customs but consistently crafting victories for our customers.
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Smooth International Trade Powered By Block Customs Brokerage

See how the Block Customs Brokerage can benefit your logistics strategy

Expert Customs Guidance

The Block Customs Brokerage wizards provide invaluable expertise to navigate complex customs regulations, ensure compliance and avoid costly errors or delays.

Streamlined Clearance

With the Block Customs Brokerage, your import or export process becomes more efficient as we handle paperwork, documentation, and communication with customs authorities, saving you time and hassle.

Mitigate Risks and Costs

Engaging the Block Customs Brokerage helps minimize the risk of penalties or fines by ensuring accurate customs declarations, optimizing duty payments, and leveraging knowledge of trade agreements and regulations.

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