Air freight without worry —

You’ll get all the “usual” services for air freight when you need protected space commitments and reliable transit times to ensure deadlines are met. These include Charters, Direct, or Indirect flight schedules, Foreign-to-Foreign distribution, and consolidation services to fit your deadline and budget.

But what if your needs today are UNusual? Like “impossible” deadlines or last-minute changes? The Logistics Unusual team, who will know you on a first-name basis, springs into action to go beyond, far beyond, the “usual.”

  • Routing options and selection based on each shipment’s need
  • Tracking for compliance
  • Relationships with all Passenger and Cargo Carriers
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) endorsed agent for airlines
Most of the time, I need a good rate. Block delivers. Sometimes, I need to meet a crushing deadline. Block delivers. If there’s a problem, they solve it.
Paul H.