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Need extensive coverage to reach any location, including remote areas?

Our ground services are your answer

Gain a reliable and affordable solution

Leverage more flexibility and accessibility

Be able to handle diverse cargo

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Paving the Way to Smooth Shipping Solutions

Every ground shipment demands judgment

Of course, you expect all the “usual” services for the full range of domestic transportation, including FTL and LTL, Expedited Ground, Drayage, White Glove, Parcel, and full distribution services. You’ll enjoy our innovative platform that gives you full trackability, predictability, and visibility.

But what if your needs today are UNusual? Like “impossible” deadlines, last-minute changes to routes and loads, or disruptions from natural disasters? The Logistics UNusual team, who will know you on a first-name basis, springs into action to go beyond, far beyond, the “usual.”

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Unleash the Ground Game

Where Efficiency and Reliability Meet

With our extensive network, advanced technology, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide efficient and reliable transportation services tailored to meet your unique shipping needs.

  • We serve your needs in all points in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and other islands.
  • DOT licensed broker and forwarder
  • Time definite
  • Transparent visibility and tracking
  • Ultimate flexibility – from established relationships with carriers of all sizes and locations

The Solid and Steady Route to Delivering Success

See how ground shipping can benefit your logistics strategy


Ground freight services cater to a wide range of shipment sizes and types, from small packages to full truckloads. They can handle diverse cargo, including perishable goods, hazardous materials, and oversized items.


With a well-developed road network, ground transportation offers flexibility and reliability in reaching destinations, even remote ones, that many other modes cannot.


Compared to air or sea freight, ground transportation generally has a lower carbon footprint. Opting for ground freight services can contribute to eco-friendly shipping practices and sustainability goals.

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