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Expedited Direct Drayage Services

Photo of a container going from a cargo boat to turck showing the transloading process

Need to avoid delays and minimize fees?

Our expedited direct drayage services are your answer

Gain more control of your shipment

Save time and money with faster shipments

Avoid the disruptive delays of rail shipments

Photo at a port showing a container going from boat to truck during transloading process
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Turbocharge Shipments with Expedited Direct Drayage

Direct drayage is your efficient solution for hassle-free long-haul transportation. Your full container is loaded onto a specialized chassis, for uninterrupted delivery.

At The Block, we handle the process seamlessly. First, the container is transported to the vendor yard (prepull). Then it's transferred to a long-haul trucking chassis (chassis split). Our Block Logistics Operations team coordinates the final delivery to align with your convenience.

Once your shipment arrives, the container returns to the vendor yard. We secure an appointment with the SSL port to return the equipment.

Experience streamlined operations, efficiency, and peace of mind from our direct drayage service.

Photo at a port showing a container going from boat to truck during transloading process
Don't let delays derail your plans

Expedited Direct Drayage Delivers in Record Time

When every day counts, direct drayage emerges as the optimal choice for swift shipment delivery. Compared to transload options, it typically slashes 3-5 days off transit time. When compared to rail transit, which can stretch anywhere from 1 to 5+ weeks depending on rail services, direct drayage takes the lead.

Rail delays are a common occurrence due to limited rail car space and terminal chassis pool shortages, often resulting in frustrating delays and potential fees, like per diem charges. By opting for direct drayage services, you can minimize or altogether avoid these setbacks and additional expenses.

Swift solutions for speedy success

See how expedited direct drayage services fits your logistics strategy


Guarantee swift delivery by eliminating unnecessary stops and streamlining transportation. An ideal solution for time-sensitive goods and urgent deliveries.


Leverage direct transportation from pickup to destination, avoiding intermediate handling. This minimizes the risk of damage or loss, optimizing your supply chain efficiency.


You can have real-time visibility into the whereabouts of your shipments. This visibility empowers you with greater control over your supply chain, enabling proactive decision-making and effective planning based on accurate and up-to-date information.

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Photo at a port showing a container going from boat to truck during transloading process