September 15, 2023

A Festive $4800 Win: The Block Logistics & McGee Team Collaboration

Photo for A Festive $4800 Win: The Block Logistics & McGee Team Collaboration
An ordinary invoice review sparked an extraordinary collaboration between The Block Logistics’ Custom Brokerage and McGee teams. With a fox’s sharp instinct, someone noticed products that looked like they could be Christmas decorations. If so, they could be eligible for duty-free treatment.

How We Found $4,800 in Savings

This success is a testament to the effectiveness of collaboration, swift communication, insight, and deep knowledge and skillset of The Block’s Customs Brokerage team. Led by The Block, the teams were able to transform a routine invoice review into substantial savings for the client. It is a vivid reminder that even in the complex world of navigating customs regulations, teamwork and a personable approach backed by expertise can lead to unique solutions and satisfying victories. A genuinely festive win indeed!

More than just a financial win

A quick email was sent to the McGee Team: “Are there any photos of these products? Could they be intended as Christmas decorations?” The teams dove into a detailed examination.

Through a collaborative effort, timely communication, and the shared excitement of uncovering an opportunity, they classified the products as Christmas items. Their combined expertise and seamless teamwork led to a joyous result: a reduction in duty payments by $4,800.