October 30, 2023

Navigate the New USDA Organic Regulations with Ease: How We Can Help

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At The Block Logistics, Inc., our commitment to our clients goes beyond delivering goods; it extends to helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations and industry standards. We’re here to share important news that affects our entire organic agriculture community: the introduction of new USDA organic regulations, effective March 19, 2024.

What You Need to Know About New USDA Organic Regulations

1. Certification is Key

The new regulations mandate that all operations involved in producing or handling organic agricultural products must be certified organic. This includes business producing, handling, importing, trading, and retailing organic products.

2. Importer Responsibilities

Importers play a critical role in ensuring compliance. Under the new regulations, importers are responsible for:

  • Verifying the import certificate received from foreign exporters.
  • Ensuring that import certificate data accurately reflects the shipment details.
  • Confirming that the organic products have not been treated with prohibited substances during their journey across borders.
  • Maintaining a robust organic control system that documents these verifications (to be reviewed by certifying agents).
  • Ensuring that all commercial documents correctly represent the term ‘organic.’

At The Block Logistics, Inc., we aim to ensure compliance and enhance your overall experience. We’re here to provide personalized guidance and support, tailoring our services to your specific needs. Together, we can embrace these changes and continue delivering the high-quality organic products your customers expect and deserve.

The USDA has provided ‘The Program Handbook: Guidance and Instructions for Accredited Certifying Agents and Certified Operations to provide guidance, instruction, and policy memo documents relating to this rule.

See the Handbook