September 26, 2023

Beyond the Waves: The Hidden Depths of FCL Costs

Photo for Beyond the Waves: The Hidden Depths of FCL Costs
Imagine this: Full Container Load (FCL) shipping costs are like an iceberg. A sizeable portion of the price might be visible above the waters, but much is lurking beneath the surface. Most of the time, we’re tempted to focus on the obvious – the tip of the iceberg: the ocean freight cost. But, my fellow sea navigators, there’s much more beneath those waves. A lot more.

Diving into the Details: A Breakdown of the True Costs of Importing

The true costs of importing graphic

Ocean Freight (about 55% of the total cost)

The size and type of your container play a significant role in this expense. It’s like picking a hotel room. Are you going for the suite or the standard room? Each has its price tag and purpose.

Port & Terminal Charges (about 2% of the total cost)

This includes fees for packing, inland transport, and handling – the nitty-gritty stuff. They’re the backstage crew that ensures the show goes smoothly.

Documentation Fees (about 1% of the total cost)

Ah, paperwork! Necessary, albeit not always fun. These charges cover essentials like Bills of Lading and customs documents. It’s like ensuring your passport and visa are sorted before a trip.

Customs Duties, Taxes, and Brokerage Fees (20% of total costs)

Governments have their share, often as tariffs and taxes on imported/exported goods. The brokerage fee is like hiring a guide to navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Inland Transportation (about 16% of the total cost)

It’s not just about the sea journey. It’s also about the road trips before and after. The cost involved in moving your precious cargo from the port to its end destination – and all the stops in between.

Storage and Accessorials (about 6% of the total cost)

It’s like paying rent for your container when it’s chilling at the port or handling unique requirements, like transporting hazardous materials or renting specific equipment.

See Below the Surface

See below the surface of FCL costs graphic

Unfolded Transparency

We’re your underwater guides. We show you every nook and cranny, ensuring every cost is detailed, leaving no stone unturned.

Elevate through Education

Knowledge is your diving gear, allowing you to explore the depths confidently. Let’s turn those shipping challenges into opportunities.

Upholding Integrity

Our compass always points true north. We promise transparent, straightforward pricing: no murky waters or hidden obstacles.

People and the Heart

Your concerns are our concerns. Our dedicated crew is your lifeline for smooth sailing every step of the way.

Anchoring the Thought

Every detail in FCL shipping is important. Minor costs can snowball, to sink your venture’s success. Map out all these hidden treasures (or pitfalls) in your plan.

With us, you won’t just navigate the seas; you’ll embark on a holistic shipping adventure. Join our pack today, where we’re all about clarity and knowledge for your success.

May the winds be in your favor and the horizons endless!