April 20, 2022

Bulk Transportation Cost-Slashing Wizardry

Photo for Bulk Transportation Cost-Slashing Wizardry

Are your margins being squeezed when you ship liquid bulk? (And, um, did the sun come up in the east?) Of course you’re feeling the squeeze…

Which is why you should meet the wizard of bulk shipping-let’s call him Gandalf. His creative approach to saving you money is another example of Logistics UNusual put to work for you.

Shining example: Gandalf recently turned three loads into one, loading high grade chemical in the Ohio Valley, moving it to the upper Midwest.  From there we moved 2 additional deliveries (1 local and 1 to the Carolinas) of a similar lower grade chemical in the same tank by top loading without a wash.  1 driver, 2100 miles, 3 deliveries, 15,000 gallons of product, and 1 wash!   Carrier and Driver were happy to do all three and the customer was excited to get three shipments covered by one driver!

With a wave of his wizard’s wand, everybody saved money. UNusual? Aw, shucks. We do it every day.