March 11, 2022

They asked us to solve a logistics problem. We solved TWO.

Photo for They asked us to solve a logistics problem. We solved TWO.

An importer of vitamins and nutraceuticals had a complex problem: FDA delays — three and four weeks long — were disrupting their shipments arriving in the US. All of them.

Seeking solutions, they asked around and two (two!) of our customers recommended us. We set to work to untangle the mess. We quickly ruled out product problems. These formulations are made from the best ingredients.

So, after they flipped the business to us, we convened a powwow with the client, our customs specialist, the overseas supplier, and our team to identify issues and find proper solutions. We did.

We have already moved several containers that have pre-cleared customs with the FDA due to our vigilance, understanding the situation, and making what needed to happen, happen.

But then we went farther

Now, upon arrival into LGB, we truck the containers directly to a client warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, to facilitate expedited delivery and keep product intact, sealed in the container until arrival at the client's facility. This value-add step means product is now coming in undamaged, just as it left the supplier overseas.  Does solving a second problem seem UNusual to you? It's what we do.
I have been very impressed with the condition of my goods upon delivery! I haven’t seen any damage, which is very refreshing.