November 1, 2021

Ocean Port Congestion Creates the New Normal

Photo for Ocean Port Congestion Creates the New Normal

The American supply chain is highly dependent on the processes at our ports, but gridlock and long wait times are becoming the New normal with container vessels waiting more than a week to unload once they arrive. More than 100 ships could be seen from shore anchored with thousands of containers waiting in line to be unloaded.  Warehouses are overflowing with products, truckers and warehouse workers are becoming more sparse, causing prices to rise across the board.

“It’s like taking ten lanes of freeway traffic and moving them into five when the cargo gets here,” Gene Seroka Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles recently was quoted saying. “We’re having difficulty absorbing all of the cargo into the American supply chain.”

About 40% of the U.S container imports and 30% of the nation’s exports traffic through the two Southern California ports, Long Beach and Los Angeles, with no sign of slowing down. With Christmas around the corner, continued delays are to be expected well into 2022.

How Logistics Unusual is making all the difference

The Biden administration announced recently that the port of Los Angeles would move to a 24/7 operation to ease the backlog as well as the Union Pacific has expanding to a 24/7 rail service out of its San Pedro, CA facility. Americans are hopeful these changes will help ease the increasing demand.

The good news is that even though there are these delays, we are still getting customer’s product through and delivered, albeit weeks slower than the Old Normal.

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